DYNOMET mini roller set dyno for scooters

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Dynomet's roller dynamometer for auto bikes, scooters and small motor bikes.

Dynomet's "Mini" roller dynamometer works along the same principle as our other roller dynamometers, but is compact and mobile and thus easy to find room for in the workshop and easy to transport in a boot of a car. With Dynomet's "Mini" you can measure horsepower and torque of auto bikes, scooters and small motor bikes with maximum powerof 80 hp. The Dynomet "Mini" was developed for the Danish Ministry of Transport.

The software is the same as being used for the Dynomet 4.11 but adjusted to the mini rollers

Roller: 200 mm
Diameter 140 mm
Dynamic mass: 120 kg
Total static weight 65 kg
Max Power : 80 hp.
Max speed 200 Km/h
Dimensions 60 * 40 * 16 cm



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